Count Vortexto Elviron the Capricious Animist
 The point of a heart is that if it gets smashed you loose loads. BUT, and there is a big BUT, it seems from what Ive seen that Astiroth can actually take his heart off-line with him, while hearts used to be dropped when you QQ'ed. And Helk's heart is in a place only he and gods can go, I have tried various methods, but its completely useless. Gate & farsight, the 2 ways which I thought would be the only way to get Helks heart cannot enter that location.  Also there is a problem with Helk's god, I am told that unless I give up my wax doll of Helk and never ever attack Helk again, I will loose all my magic skills, I have asked Wraith for help on this matter but it seems there is nothing my patron can do.                             (V)