Give the little un's a break...

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A while a go, I tried a different online RPG. Very similar command set to Avalon. even met a few people there that play/used to play here. There seemed a lot to it. But in the end, I dropped it. Not 'cos it was particularly bad, or difficult, and it w

as free, so it wasn't the price.

So what was it that persuaded me to leave? Basically the older players had either little or no time for newbies, or were just idiots toward them. Sound like anyone on Avalon? So many experienced players want to fight, and challenge, but you feel the n

eed to make life harder for the new ones, either directly, or indirectly (by jumping those guiding them, perhaps?).

what's wrong? Bored? Not enough new blood for ya? Wonder why that is? Perhaps the ones that try this game feel the same way I did about the other rpg I tried. Everyone expects Thakrians to be bad... don't mean you have to be arrogant with it (except P

laman. he just wouldn't be the same if he were humble. ;) )

I don't mean to tar all thaks with the same brush. Some of you stick to jumping your peers (*wave to Sarak*), but as people have been so fond of quoting about Parrians, the actions of a few can reflect on the whole city. So come on peeps, being bad do

esn't mean being a git. Give the newbies a chance, find someone who wants to fight.

Fireforge - No cheese, but I'll have another bottle of that claret...

Written by my hand on the 16th of Midsummer, in the year 1071.