Newbie Guiding.

Asurmen of Springdaleto Everyone

Well Thakrians have sunk to a new low. Today i was guiding Galladriel. While i was there talking with her, Athena considered me then declared me her personal enemy. A few seconds after doing that i see Galladriel, who i will mention I was guiding, go

running away then shortly after that i'm running away. I calmed then portal to Galladriel to help her calm down and i get hit by Gaar, who i'll not place any blame one, since he was probably dragged on by Athena with no knowledge that I was guiding Ga

lladriel, who killed me, Gaar also asked if i needed a Bathe, but Athena had already grabbed my body

I had to take alittle cruise on the ship.

Written by my hand on the 29th of Skyelong, in the year 1071.