First Book of Augury, Revelation 1:1.

Maiya, The Mercifulto Everyone

And so the fire burned from deep within my stone...

The smoldering crystal that once made my mind sodden and nebulous is now finally

beginning to speak its sweet soliloquy.

Incredulous, yet I cannot deny what is happening. It is my own personal axiom.

It has become my balm... and my bane of existence. I will simply state that which the

stone has thusfar spoken in a tongue not used since the days of the Divine War:

Revelations 1:1

The First Sign will come

Impiety will form the wheels.

A new religion will move them.

Its momentum will thus impede


A nebulous cluster

Will start the new age.

Raining fire from the Heavens.

Ordeals to all.

Disease will spread Mid-Paglost

This same year.

There will be no panacea.

Written by my hand on the 9th of Mournsend, in the year 1071.