Right back at you.

To Athena, who was honorable to accept a mutual challenge, thank you. You fought well, regardless of the outcome.

To Solan, Scar and Dirl, who attacked me and were destroyed one by one as I stood on Thakrian soil, having offered each of them and combinations of them duels in the preceeding minutes.

I'm dissapointed that you will not face me alone.

To Mariah and Zenichiro, who joined in after I had defeated Athena, to form a team of Solan, Scar, Zenichiro, Dirl, and Mariah on me.

I hope you will learn to fight on your own. Specifically to Zenichiro; you have no need of any smaller people to give me a fight, so why bring them.

I await your responses.


Written by my hand on the 16th of Ilmarael, in the year 1070.