My appologies for my possible false accusation of you inactivity it's just that I never see you or many others of the guild cept ruathalin.

You would have to see it from mine own eyes I make a post about guilds skill changes and youd think everyone and his brother would jump on my band wagon and post there feelings, makes me feel all alone out here, if you know what I mean.

also I do fight my ass off and dont want to toot my own horn, (oh how I love to so much) so if you have any fighting questions please msg me or post here, When I was gm I posted fighting tips about every week concerning fighting all guild types and p

ossibly people you find hard to beat now so check them out!

there once was a long time rule to never post fighting tips on the guild bb but I always said bah! everyone whos worth there weight and top of there class know most of the bardic tricks and will trigger what they dont understand so I say post away the

res nothing new theyll learn by reading our bb for a day.

and lastely, back to the topic of challenging. Id have to say that I really dont desire gm and probley wont hold the possition again unless forced into it again. But if I thought our gm was inactive I would certainly challenge until a better person c

ame to take the ranes.

oops one more thing reguarding the guild meeting, if we can plan to make it on the weekend that would be best for me to catch you guys, although if i cant make it ill probley msg Lanture with my thoughts on a few topics


thats it for now hope to see some more activity on this bb besides my ramblings.

Written by my hand on the 25th of Cloudburst, in the year 1070.