Elvironto Apollo, god of light
Regarding the herbs, after confirming with Anarchos that using a herb (eating, applying, brewing or smoking) actually removes it from Avalon in a way which releases the memory it was taking up, I have been carefully scanning all locations for herbs and where I find more than 5 batches of any herb, I am eating/applying etc the offending herbs until there are 5 left.  After consuming well over 100 herbs in this way yesterday, I was able to increase the number of spirits I could keep from 1 to 4.  May I suggest that all people who are proficient in herbs exercise the same dilligence and help alleviate the problem, until it can be fixed by more permanent means?  I wouldn't ask thos who are proficient in poisons to do the same though... [smile]         ^- add \"e\"!  Elviron the Capricious Animist