Misunderstanding and finding hidden meanings.

Firstly, I suggest you look up the word 'prominent' in a dictionary.

By the very nature of the word, ALL your citizens cannot possibly be 'prominent', since it means 'that which stands out from' or 'principal'.

Secondly, I did not tell Parrians HOW to choose their leaders, only to take care when doing so, and what the consequences might be.

Also, I made no mention of names and neither did I make any claim to be either approving or disapproving you city's choice.

I took great care to see that this was the case, in anticipation of the response you made.

Also lacking were any accusations of 'apathy' from Parrian citizens.

Nor was any mention made of how Parrian citizens might be feeling.

Rather, I sought to point out to Parrius the point which you have cunningly missed:

Your choice of city leaders has an impact on how your city and citizens appear in the eyes of other.


Written by my hand on the 13th of Paglost, in the year 1069.