Kal Zakathto Sir Dunccan, Il-Fedaykin Lionis

I can give you a very accurate account of the damage your incursion caused and the damage which ours

did to Mercinae.

You are extremely mistaken and foolish to even compare your cities feeble attempt at an attack, compared to

our efficient and professional strike.

The total damage your incursion did was to damage two doors to two of our commodity sheds. Nothing was razed and

a minor number of commodities were taken. A insignificant number of our troops were slain, as was the total of your

invading force.

In direct contrast, we destroyed 3 fortififications, we razed your barracks, we razed six commodity sheds to the

ground, we razed shops, we destroyed any men in our way and also took substantial quantities of yarriol, fish, glass

and spice.

Even the cost in rebuilding what we razed in your city in terms of iron and gold is a significant blow to


And on a final note, it is an example of mercinaen idiocracy that you need to take 2000 men to tooth island

to kill off the 25 men we had there plundering commodities. You highlight the stupidity of your Marshalls and your

Field Marshall himself...


Written by my hand on the 26th of Skyelong, in the year 1068.