silly post.

And a big thanks to you for making such an annoying post. See what


To everyone else.

This day Thakria visited double pain upon our enemies and showed

Mercinae the foolishness of her foray into our city. Although we

garnered a fair amount of loot, I wish to publicly complain how their

pacifist and protected people moved potatoes and ores (and other

sundry commodities) as we were marching towards the sheds. We

have always assumed that such actions were against the spirit of

warfare and I appeal to the Gods to turn over the potatoes and ores

they spirited away. I would point out that Thakria moved no

commodities until we had killed off all the invading Mercinae troops.

I would make a more profound post but I am quite weary and wish to

sort out our loot. Have a nice day.

Written by my hand on the 2nd of Skyelong, in the year 1068.