The Sword of Thorssus.

Apollo, the god of lightto Loremaster Yairi

Yacoub is of ancient times and traditions, times when loyalty to one's own city

took precedence over all in such a clearly defined city-based quest. Alliances and

personal friendships would be forgotten in the knowledge that all would work for

personal honour and the reflected glory that the winning city would achieve.

In such times this was recognised by all, and individual actions would have been

taken in the spirit of the moment and would not usually impact on any longer term

alliances or friendships. Of course evryone has free choice, it simply would not

occur to Yacoub that this would be exercised in such a way as to willingly hand

the spoils to another at the expense of their own citizens.

As for any comment on the timing of such a quest, clearly this was the same for the

four cities and all could claim the absence of influential citizens at any given time.

Apologies? None are asked for and none are given. While this message is addressed to

Yairi, it is not directed at him alone. There are many who have expressed views to me of

late who should read this and reflect. In the latter days of the quest I issued warnings

to both Thakrian and Mercinaen citizens that Yacoub was likely to view their actions

as nothing short of traitorous and that they may be putting the very existence of their

cities at risk. I believe that disaster was only narrowly averted.

Lastly, I too offer my congratulations to Zenichiro. A Parrian of the Loremaster guild of

Thakria - no doubt another source of wonder to Yacoub! The first two Lorelords would be turning

in their graves if one was not making this post and the other recently returned and no doubt

looking on with some bemusement. Be that as it may, times change and Zenichiro shone in such

a way that a city-based quest also became a gem quest and just reward has been given. Well done.

Written by my hand on the 13th of Midwinter, in the year 1068.