The sword of Thorrsus.

Loremaster Yairito Everyone

This post is actually directed to Yacoub, to whom it could not be addressed.

Punish us as you see fit, but Thakria makes no apologies for her

actions during this quest. This is a historically slow time of the outer

world year for us and we knew we lacked the numbers and fighting

base to dominate this quest. Rather than fighting with our Parrian

friends for temporary control of the sword (which would have only

served to AID Springdale), we exercised our mortal right of FREE

CHOICE to AID Parrius. Our actions therefore helped to deny victory to

our bitter enemies. You may call this a \"lack of leadership and self-

thought \" but a few of us mere mortals call it \"strategy\".

Congratulations to Parrius, and most of all, congratulations to my

brother and friend Zenichiro for his hard-fought, well deserved, and

long-overdue Gem.

Written by my hand on the 10th of Midwinter, in the year 1068.