The Sword of Thorrsus.

Yacoub, the Divinerto Everyone

Through the perseverance of a few, the hilt of the famed King Thorrsus has been successfully protected and I have come, as promised, to safeguard its powers with my life.

My thanks (and reward) to go the city of Parrius. Together they showed that through teamwork, planning, and dedication, they have earned the right to victory and spoils. Though they started slowly - with virtually one man spearheading all efforts -

they were able to find ways to incorporate more and more protectors. This led to six different Parrian defenders among the ten who held the hilt the longest: Zenichiro, Drasnia, Keldor, Kranor, Cordon, and Zheredan.

Springdale mounted an early challenge, in fact for much of the first third of the year they were well in front. However, the task I gave was one of endurance as well as skill. Here, they clearly fell short and were engulfed after a time by the Parri

an organisation.

Finally, the cities of Thakria and Mercinae. Throughout much of the quest, these cities found it more bearable to assist others rather than help themselves. It would seem to me that for BOTH of these cities, to identify themselves as assistants in a

nothers cause rather than forge a path for themselves was disgustingly unpalatable. In Mercinaes case, I can only imagine that the spirit of Thorrsus is disappointed that his homeland has stumbled to such depths. That the Thakrians were gifted time w

ith the hilt had little bearing on the final outcome - both cities were far removed.

Both cities will find, because of this lack of leadership and self-thought, men who would have normally walked the city streets in hopes of serving their city are far less willing to come to their banner to fight. This curse shall endure for 10 Avalo

nian years. Members of these respective cities can thank the very few that awoke from their stupor in the final months to not see a more drastic curse (a reverse of the winners prize). Perhaps in the future, everyone will consider the ramifications

of being used so callously.

For the city that was able to hold the hilt the longest, I offer some portion of the spirit of the hilt itself. You will find that because you have proven your prowess, this enduring aura will grant benefits to those that currently call Parrius home

(new members having no part in the task will not reap the reward). This boon shall last 10 years.

Additionally, as promised, there is a reward to they who were able to hold the hilt, as an individual, the longest. To Zenichiro, Guardian of the East, I have passed on the Malachite of Fate - a divine gem.

There are lesser rewards I shall be distributing to those that distinguished themselves throughout this year. I shall approach you if youve earned a prize.

In hopes that I offer as much protection to the hilt as Avalon has, my thanks.

Written by my hand on the 5th of Midwinter, in the year 1068.