Superfluous items

Astirothto Genesis, the god of time

my dear fellow this apparent wringing of hands by the barons because they are estopped from producing vast quantities of foodstuffs followed shortly after my the most intriguing debates on how big a loaf of bread is and how many days it should last then followed by an equally noble debate between those two fine fellow elviron and helkarakse over the necessity to visit wherever numerous times during the course of an hour that the food stalls may be replenished seems to me more a case of taking a sledgehammer to crack walnuts or if your sense of humour is as black as mine own taking any form of weapon to slay conan

i believe i have a far simpler solution simply allow for more items within the land as this will no doubt be necessary in due time with the influx of new players that is expected

given under my hand this sixth day of skyelong 825