Animist Brews in the Grove.

Druid Squirrelfish, Le Tenebreuxto Everyone

Whilst the shortage of Animists in the Land has been painfully apparent of late, we are working on it and those on holiday are back more from next week. The announced Life brews in Spring and Autumn will also become more reliable.

So brewing is fairly random right now and for awhile at least feel free to msg myself and I will do what I can to sort you out.that said...

I have tried to lighten up on the amount of Rules we used to have for brewing in the Grove but it is getting frequent that the peaceful approach to these brews is getting out of hand.

We simply ask all to respect 'Peace' at a brew, it isnt for long and it is about all we ask, passive mounts, entourages etc are part of that, SO is bonding and any other form of attack!

Don't do it if you want to continue to be welcome in the Grove. A couple of you have had 2 wont get more.

Lastly, before you grab the wrong end of the stick... I am not trying to dictate how you live in Avalon. Just how you act in the Grove, it is one of the only bastions of Peace in the Land and it WILL stay that way.

Thanks if you bothered to read this far and I hope you can find it within you to restrain yourselves for a few minutes each week.

Yours for the Animists, Squirrelfish.

Written by my hand on the 5th of Eleuthral, in the year 1067.