Elvironto Baphomet, the Horned One
Exactly, I am of the opinion that \"1 item of food\" is a standard nutritional value, whatever it is... maybe a god could comment on this? If realism is what you're after, eating 20 bananas should make you very ill, but I have never suffered any ill effects from over-indulgence.  As for guilds holding stocks of food for the use of guild members, that seems like a good idea to me. Mind you, I don't see why the GM should do all the providing - all members are meant to work together towards a common goal as defined by the guild's own philosophy, so all members  should provide for one another.  That might be a problem for the Animists as ours is an \"open\" guild HQ and anyone could walk in and help them- selves.  Taking that a step further (always a risky approach) I hope you aren't going to suggest that Barons shouls provide food free for all their citizens...?                 ^^^^^^-- should I'd be bankrupt within a week (an Avalonian week!).  I have quite a bit of finance, but I choose to live in my guild, so I

ave no storage space other than the guild's store which is only open to the GM so I don't use it.