my fighters post.

Since the topic was about poisons which is and should be a fighters domain (although pacifist can pick this thus allowing them to participate in fighting without the consequences) and was started in the fighters board I posted there. As I posted I re

ally didn't think about the numerous bears who are pacifist and could not read my post. Instead I was concerned only about those who take an active role in every aspect of avalon. I have nothing to hide, my disdain for pacifist is well known. Every

one knows I don't shy away from making my opinion known to all. So below is a portion of my post made in the fighters bb. This part was directed at the rangers and express the bandits general opinion of them and our reluctance and unwillingness to w

ork with them. You can counter post all you want but actions always speak volumes over mere words.

Lastly and probably most important why the thieves are reluctant to work with

the rangers on anything. Your guild is weak. That is the simple way to put

it. You have no fighters to speak of and those that try are not very good.

Your guild has no c oordination or direction as you have said you have what

was it 12 deputy gm's and no direction in the guild. Half your guild chooses

pacifism and sells tons of poisons(check the shops and you will see rangers

sell by far more poisons overall then bandits) or the other half sits in

trees turning the land into a chat forum. Your gm (is it ragar still) has

shown no signs of inspiration or leadership or setting a direction for the

rangers. Instead it appears he and his deputies allow the guild to l ist

aimlessly in the woods. Your weakness is what makes the thieves recoil when

they hear work with rangers.


Written by my hand on the 22nd of Eleuthral, in the year 1066.