Oh Wyldfyre dear, we had this same thing with the Bumble incident. She was

caught red-handed giving out wurtfoil to Siranae and holding private and

unauthorised brews. She denied it, then you claimed you did it, then Inshallah

claimed she did it.

And again today, the letters quite clearly stated the the sender of the letter

was quite clearly not a ranger, but from another forest dwelling guild which

means the Animists dear.

But as you brought yourself into this. I also happened to overhear you this

morning telling Ragar that you had prepared the wurtfoil you just picked, and thus

would have to get 'Squirelly' to evoke you some you could plant. Who exactly is

this 'Squirelly'? Somehow I doubt it is the Squirrel residing at the Look-out Point.

Furthermore, I can only deduce by your attempt at deception that this is indeed

something you wish to keep secret and feel guilt towards.

Written by my hand on the 5th of Eleuthral, in the year 1066.