Ok first up i didn't know i was enemied untill i logged in the next RL day and had recieved a message.

Yes i was traversing to you in your home i have no qualms with that, and yes i did attack you inside parrius

But, ask yourself... I my postion, what would you have done... And this goes out to all of you in Avalon

First someone attacks your friends in your home city, so you rush to thier aide.

smoke pipe75502

Then as the fight drags on , this person \"Abducts\" members of your city and locks them away in his own city, and begings to strip them of everything that they own.

Would you, ANY OF YOU, really just sit in your own city and not do a thing?

Well i certainly cant, If im enemied to Parrius for helping save my friends, then so be it.

What you have to ask yourself though, am i really an enemy to Parrius... or just you Zenichiro?

Sir Sugna, Totally Insane

Written by my hand on the 20th of Midwinter, in the year 1066.