Math (blech) is my worst subject. I could hate Mercinae for doing this figuring if nothing else!!!!

We show 61 active citizens at the moment. 97% of that leaves 59.17 citizens ( I am not sure who is the .17% but maybe they would step forward)

Amazingly enough, when we become custodians we do not lose citizenship!! Isnt that a neat system???

That gives us 59.17 minus 5 and reduces the number to 54.17 people. And if i make a mistake in the math I do not EVER admit to it.

I personally know four real live people in Parrius who are not part of the 97%. That brings it to 50.17 (wish i knew who was the .17 person they are sure making the math hard).

This brings it down to 82% (more or less) (thats mathematical talk for I am not sure its right).

Anyhow, If I might rephrase a famous saying \"Look WEST young man. \" To the city who has threatened you. The threats from Kes and Dunccan do Not come from Parrius but from within Mercinae.

Orielle (who cannot believe that the 46 Thakrians, Springdalians and no city people who are enemied to Parrius never whine. They must have some kind of secret)

Written by my hand on the 10th of Midwinter, in the year 1066.