I never have nor will kiss anyones ass, so thanks for showing once again you are a complete and utter liar.

I never faultered at any guild, or I would have been ousted, I quit each one fool.

You own citizen dislike Tukar, I have had a dozen \"nice posts\" from everyone in Avalon, including your city mates.

Do the math here kid, You have 5 Custodians, if 2 have been off and on for eons, that leaves 3 that have changed. That is still the MAJORITY, and if Zeni and Krill have been OFF and ON, that means change too. My gawd did you even go to school? Or were

you raised in a trailer park outside of Krempton.

Of course Parrius can level us again, because we have spent all our time rebuilding since the last time. Its a recurring thing. We rebuild, you take us out, we rebuild, you take us out.

And here we stand, at peace, well MOST of us anyways.

I do have to watch anything, cause you don't scare me. As small as I am, I would still wipe the floor with you!

Rajj, watching the 6 year old try to type!

Written by my hand on the 3rd of Midwinter, in the year 1066.