I am getting a bit tired of how you and Dunccan profess to \"adore\" Parrius. You have some deluded idea that all of Parrius are just little dumb people somehow who cannot think for themselves. You would think from your posts that there is only one sin

gle citizen in all of the city.

Zenichiro is a citizen (one of many), and a custodian in Parrius. He is respected there. He is also a fighter. And he is quite intolerant of being teamed and attacked. You do it - take the consequences.

Take a look at the posts on this board going back forever. Parrians are killed and stripped in their city daily. How many posts do you find here proclaiming that and whining about it? Springdalians are killed and stripped in their city daily. As are



Written by my hand on the 17th of Agamnion, in the year 1065.