The Parrian Games.

Zheredan, Enchanter of the Eastto Everyone

The Parrian Games.

On the first day of this winter, the City of Parrius will organize a tourney for the young fighters of this land. Applications will be taken from the first day of Autumn up until the last. Eligibility is dependant upon having no skill, guild or non-gu

ild, at the rank of ultimate at the time of applying. The deadline will fall upon the last day of Autumn. To apply simply write your name on a letter and post it to me, nothing more. These will then be drawn to pair off opponents. Combat shall be in t

he form of a duel with the winner, progressing to the next knock-out stage and so on and so forth until we have a Champion. This year's prize shall be a pouch, runed and packed with herbs and poisons.

Autumn is one, perhaps two hours away. I await your letters. Zheredan, hoping to watch a few good fights.

Written by my hand on the 29th of Ilmarael, in the year 1065.