Actually Kes, you saw nothing, you sat at your pool all night long, as per the usual.

Maiya was the only person to come into my location and nose, no doubt she

feels brave coming into an enemy city while pacifist. However, I'm afraid to

dissapoint both you and her as it was not my own staves I was felling, it

was actually Scribe's staves fashioned from city commodities. If he were

active at present he would simply be able to remove the staves himself,

however as he has been away a while, and his staves were not hitting key city

enemies and were preventing me from re-staving the same location, the decision

was made to fell them.

I warn you Knight, you'd do well to look after the justice of your own

city from your office at the pool, and keep your delusional opinions about

Parrius to yourself

Written by my hand on the 11th of Eleuthral, in the year 1065.