Trees and felling.

Druid Squirrelfish, Le Tenebreuxto Everyone

It has been brought to my attention that the currently accepted idea on Felling and Logging of trees is simply' get an Axe, a Saw and just go do it'.

That isn't correct and will only lead to the situation we had a few years ago where there were hardly any trees of any type left in Avalon.

The best and most productive way, not to mention enviornmentally friendly, is this.

Only fell Fruit trees, preferably Ancient ones as they no longer pruduce fruit. Felling any other type of tree (Scots pine. Oak, Almond etc) will lead to their extinction as there is no way to replant.

If you fell a tree, try and replant in Spring using fruit seeds, each forest location can hold 9 trees. These seeds fall to the ground when you eat fruit. Collect and replant OR donate to the Animists or Rangers, who will gladly replant for you.

The Animists can ask the forests to expand and block an exit from any forest location. These can also be felled and logged. We would be happy to spend a little time with anyone wishing to practice their Felling and Logging abilites, albeit in restrain


Note for Cities and Guilds... We would also, on a limited basis (so as not to destroy the Wood value) , be prepared to trade the wood provided in this way for other Commodities If it helped preserve the Inner City woodlands.

The current quantity and variety of Tree life around Avalon right now took a few of us alot of hard work and effort to persuade Olypmus to rebirth them after years of abuse. Please be responsible and don't let us return to an Avalon of No real trees.

Thank you on behalf of the Animists, Squirrelfish.

Written by my hand on the 13th of Leaflost, in the year 1064.