Potato problem.

Exquisite Imladris, Twilight's Gleamingto Everyone

Greetings and salutations! After several bouts of pulling my hair out when working with potatoes, I finally decided to try to get to the bottom of why it frustrated me so much. So I did an in-depth study of the situation. I considered reporting this a

s a bug, but it requires some explanation so I needed more room. Although it probably doesn't rate highly enough to be considered a code-red matter, I would appreciate it if someone could look into this. After performing my analysis, I have a feeling

that it's probably one of those little minor nuances of syntax: easy to fix but hard to explain.

The problem stems from the way that sometimes potato plants (the original thing you harvest from the field) sometimes are called \"plant\", while other times they answer, seemingly quite out of the blue, to the name \"potato\". When you are separating the

plants, you have both the plants AND the potatoes (the result of separating the plants) in your hands, on your eagle, on the ground, etc. If you are trying to do something with the PLANTS, that's not a problem, since you can always differentiate thos

e using the term \"plant\". However, if you are trying to do something with the potatoes and there are plants in the same \"container\", sometimes you get plants when you really wanted potatoes.

For example, say you are trying to get 30 actual potatoes from your eagle, who is carrying both potatoes and potato plants. You type in \"get 30 potato from eagle\". Sometimes, you have success and wind up holding 30 potatoes. Other times, however, you

end up with 30 of the plants instead. Say you were already holding 10 potatoes when you unexpectedly came up with these 30 plants. You decide, no I don't want these plants and try (using the logic that since getting 30 potatoes got you 30 plants) typi

ng \"put 30 potato on eagle\". Then it will only put 2-4 of EITHER on the eagle at a time, which usually goes something like this:

You load an eagle up with 2 potatoes.

You load an eagle up with 3 potato plants.

You load an eagle up with 3 potatoes.

It switches back and forth. Luckily by now you realize that at least it won't think potatoes when you say \"plants\" so you put the rest of the plants on the eagle 2-4 at a time.

This same scenario exists if you have both potato plants and potatoes on the floor, in your hands, in a sack... wherever they are in the same container. After a few attempts at transferring this stuff around, I start to feel as if I am losing my mind!

As mentioned above, an almost equally annoying aspect to working with potatoes is that it seems a bit dodgy whether or not you can handle them in large amounts. Sometimes, as when you are removing potatoes from the eagle, you can type \"get 30 potatoes

from eagle\" and you get 30 of them all in a lump sum as you intended. But when you try to put 30 potatoes back on the eagle in that same lump sum, you can only load up the eagle 2-4 potatoes at a time (all the while hoping that you don't have any of

the dreaded plants on you while doing so!)

One thing I noticed that I found to be a bit strange was this: if you have zmud and you are trying to load the 30 potatoes onto the eagle, you can type: \"put 15 potato on eagle;put 15 potato on eagle\". When you chain together 2 commands like this it p

uts 15 potatoes on the eagle twice as desired, not the 2-4 at a time thing.

Really I know this doesn't seem like that big of a deal, but it's quite a nuisance when you are trying to get through the multi-stage processing of potatoes. I didn't diagnose the eyeing stage this time, but if memory serves me correctly, the potato E

YES have the same hangup as the PLANTS do. If it's a big deal to fix this, I understand. But if it could be remedied without too much anguish, this farm-girl would surely appreciate it!

Respectfully, Imladris

PS There are a few other things that seem to have this problem too, like gold coins and gold nuggets. But I don't want to seem too pushy!

Written by my hand on the 6th of Hindyear, in the year 1064.