State of Comms.

Vote Wyldefyreto Everyone

Hi everyone, your favourite QM here with an update on comms.

We are doing pretty well and thank you for donaitons. Please keep them rolling in.

Always needed are silver, adamant, tin, copper, yarriol. Silver and adamnat especially as we use them to make the armor you wear and the quivers as well.

Iron is always needed to fashion tools and weapons.

Feedback: i would like to suggest two things for the guild, and miond you these are only suggestions. Your comments are apprecaited.

In the days before the last raid on our guild, we had a special storeroom to store herbs and poisons. This was a storage where we could pick from our gardens and put there in time of ranger use. Should we do this again?

Second if we could get a large donation of tin and iron and wood, would it be beneficial to the guild to outfit our labouring rangers with tools (at their labour skill level) so they can produce in turn more comms and make our guild grow (eg. Rangers

who have been in the land and are working be outfitted with picks, pans, axes, hammers, buckets, spades as needed or loaner euqipment be madeavailable?)

I know in the past this has caused a bit of a problem because tools have not been returned. I equipped one ranger fully with loaner tools only to have him go dormant.

Your comments are appreciated.

Once again, not trying to overstep my role, but now that my city role is over, once again returniong to the greenwood

Written by my hand on the 8th of Paglost, in the year 1064.