Tsk tsk.

Dearest Maiya,

When attempting to slander me in a public forum, please direct your post

accordingly. Other than a few token gestures, no bandit has supplied me with

poisons. It would indeed be interesting for Kiarn to provide me with these, as

she cannot pick most of them.

I have recently started playing again, been about mmm 3 months now? A years

absense before hand. I had never heard of you. You certainly didn't know me.

Either way, I have been in the Lands for a decade, and have a fair collction of

various herbs and poisons. None of which are any of your business.

You prey on those unable to defend themselves, your idea of a challenge was

to push me in and out of someone else's staves. Interesting.

I don't have the energy nor inclination to provide you with any reasons for

well, anything - I simply don't care what you think or what you wish to


Just please, divert your whining elsewhere.


Written by my hand on the 13th of Leaflost, in the year 1063.