Oh no you busted us Maiya. The truth is out there because we all know we can listen to her. Every Thakrian fighter is required to have 100 nann and phoroz in their pouches and if not we immediatly go and evoke them. Only Thakrian fighters have thes

e poisons. Its true its true because Maiya has said so!!!

Maiya you are against Thakria because we would no longer have you. The bandits do have loose rules concerning the distribution of poisons to non members. These rules are followed at times and ignored at others as is the whim of our guild. In no way

does our guild over assist one city over another(I will not deny some memebers prefer helping one of the other). Thakrian fighters have no more of the higher poisons then do any other of the top fighters in the land. I am sorry Maiya that you are f

ar from one of these.


Written by my hand on the 11th of Leaflost, in the year 1063.