Your Sword?.

Father Cimaresto Sir Dunccan, The Lion of Mercinae

Is that what it always boils down to then Dunccan? My sword is bigger than yours?

I'm well aware that Kes is a competant fighter, and nowhere in my posts did I claim to be able to beat him. What I did point out was that I have been here a long time and fought alongside many of the greats.

There was a time when I would have beaten Kes into the ground, but that time is long past, I play rarely now and struggle to remember the skills I once had.

Now, onto the subject of city posts. I wasn't actually aware there was a city post about it until Foxedup posted his reply.

The comment that triggered my post was someone saying 'Kes thinks your Plamans second as you so handily turned up to part water for him.'

Now, given Kes' somewhat turbulent history and his tendancy to start shouting cheat and second everytime something goes against him, I could well believe it. Hence my post.


Kes. Eat me. Send a message like that to me again and I will see that your ISP removes your account for breach of the abuse clause.

Herbie. Thank you for your comments. Yes I am a has been. But you never will be.

Written by my hand on the 3rd of Midsummer, in the year 1063.