ok ok calm down.

Sir Dunccan, The Lion of Mercinaeto Father Cimares

The fact is and if any deity would like to read that post Kes never said cimares was plamans second. Just a heads up to all of us when you are on. ok.

Not that its any of your buisiness.

As to your other comments. I remember a young knight killing you into submission and stock room dwelling with nothing better than ultimate chivalry and full ignorance. You as such a erm \"respected\" and \"experienced\" player should really know better t

han to post a reply to a City board post on the public bulletin board. more so if it isnt even your city!

Also, the only trully good fighters ive ever heard make an ass of themselves by saying how good they are on bulletin boards have been arthor, threap and babidi. At least they. to some extent. have earned bragging rights. You. have not. in all your

years of.erm.paintballing was it?

I suggest if you have a problem with Kes's pool dwelling, or whatnot. you challenge him. yes? Cimares? There may be fighters who can kill kes in single combat. they ARE few, AND far between, and you are NOT one of them. Not unless you erm. talk him

to death. it IS possible.

Sir Dunccan.

Written by my hand on the 2nd of Skyelong, in the year 1063.