pathetic arrogant piece of cow turd.

Death Cut Kes the Flashing Bladeto Father Cimares

Get your facts right before you post such crap on here againt Cimares.

However if you wish me to leave the pool to push my swords through your head, I will.

As for cheating you and your kind have been cheating forever here, since thats the only way you can possibly

win against me. Reading our city BB's should be a banishable crime, however as always you and your city

will get away with it again.

Nice to know that we can see now from your post how pathetic and desperate you lot are in Thakria.

Ahh, is poor pool dwelling cowardly Kes, giving you a hard time, are all the shouts about me from you

and what you believe about me finally sinking in that you may have made a serious mistake about me.

Are you that stupied to think I will ever give in, against people like you. The truth is out there Cimares

seek it for yourself instead of listening to your inept mates in Thakria and around this land before you face

me with my Flashing Blades.


Written by my hand on the 29th of Paglost, in the year 1063.