Father Cimaresto Death Cut Kes the Flashing Blade

I've heard vile and vitriloic crap from you before Kes, most of it gets ignored as its not really worth it. But this was too good to skip

A lot of people on here are too young to remember hostplay. However, I lived through to versions of it. First the office in Camden, then the house further north.

I've been to the paintballing meets held from before the Internet generation in Avalon, I've fought alongside the best in numerous ordinations. I've since met players from North America, Australia, Europe and England.

I've been pissed with some of the best and worst fighters in the land.

But above all, I work in IT Consultancy, I don't teach. I don't really like children, So how the hell am I another of Plamans seconds?

ignorance full you seriously believe I am his second, then please make a formal complaint to the Omnipotents. I have logged my IP addresses and account information for this session and will gladly pass this information on to Lord Apollo if that is you

r wish.

If however you come to your senses and realise just exactly what a fool you are and apologise, we'll just say no more about it.


Cimares, The Semi-Retired Priest.

Written by my hand on the 15th of Paglost, in the year 1063.