Mortal Immunity?.

Doctor Maiyato Mohrion, the Fifth Element

Not to throw the attention away from the ongoing nightmare that is now known commonly as

'The Inshallah-Damocles Debates,' I wanted to bring up another fairly important subject matter.

What exactly is the definition of the Chosen One?

The last I heard of this concept was in the middle of the Matrix and I laughed myself silly

watching Keanu Reeves try to portray something otherworldly. However, I failed to laugh

quite as hard when tonight, after killing Mohrion through every possible means an Astrologer

of my level has in their repetoire, I cut off his head, shrunk it, and then could do nothing

as he went Superinvisible/Untouchable, broke into my guild, killed me a few times and then

proceeded to try and strip my possessions. Blotto was luckily there to help me, although she

couldn't do anything either except pick up some of my items and spit healing herbs at me.

So here's the deal: I don't know who Mohrion is or where he comes from, but it is quite

obvious that this power of his is going straight to his increasingly growing head. If there is

something special about him and anyone knows why his actions should go unquestioned by

the rest of us mortals, then I urge that person to let me know these reasons.

I am at a total loss... I almost feel like a blood vessel has popped in my brain trying to

unravel this mystery. If you are that untouchable, Mohrion, then why stay a mortal at all?

Its quite irritating for the rest of us who actually work at this game to get better, only

to be shot down by some higher power. Plaman and Bumble have to take it from divinities,

which is what you aren't. I wonder now, if the Fifth Element of gameplay is simply, 'Cheating.'

With Utmost Sincerity, Dr. Maiya

Written by my hand on the 24th of Paglost, in the year 1062.