Elvironto Genesis, the god of time

Not forgetting the role played by the Animists of course. Many a time has a knight come to me after fighting to save his life - and I have used my healing powers to restore him/her to full health usually without the Knight having to ask. After all, the Knights are an honourable guild and I am happy to support them in times of need. We usually part with the line (from said Knight) \"Thanks for healing me, if you need any help, just ask\" which in my mind means interplay/interaction in the future. We are pleased to help in this way, provided our help doesn't lead to further bloodshed. Thus our integrity is maintained as a guild (I hope I speak for the other active Animists) and we have achieved a degree of \"good\" thus furthering the \"cause\" of our guild and assisting us in our role-play. Interaction is *vital* for any MUA to be interesting for any length of time and if changes are made that encourage this, all for the better!