here ya go.

I am typing this slowly so you can understand. Have you had to sit for 12 hours now as a ghost. Answer not that I have seen. Have you been zapped, yup me too, have you been disfavoured yup me too. Has either of us moaned about those 2 things not on

the public bb or via shouts I don't think. I have been turned into a permanent undead with no one knowing how long it lasts and Inshallah not knowing how to reverse it so can I funciton in avalon other then talking, not at all. Is this beyond any p

unishment Damocles has done to an Inshallah follower yes because even his zapping eventually stop and you can do somethings and under disfavour you can still do many things.

Again for those who can't understand this is not a whine just pointing out the facts of the situation. I accept what has been done, stand by my patron and know the eventually I will be able to impact the land again and if not then I will eventually bi

d my farewells to one and all, enemy and friend alike.



Written by my hand on the 29th of Springflower, in the year 1062.