kes and your post.

I felt I had to respond to this, even if a bit late.

now you make what sounds like a formal request for us to remove a minister you find distasteful, even dangerous to relations between our cities, for you definately imply that kes is causing such a problem with the government of Parrius.

I find it very interesting that a person like yourself would make such a request, in the name of your city no less?

I remember several posts here asking Mercinae to \"mind their own business\" when it came to our misgivings at seeing your sudden return to power during a time when Mercinae and Parrius were enjoying the best relationship we have had in many years.

You say kes and his actions are causing problems between our cities? how so?

all of the encounters between kes and yourself seem to happen in Mercinae. I do not recall the last time I saw this mad knight charging through parrius killing citizens and robbing guilds.

I agree that his words can be offensive, but I would suggest you have been no less offensive to Mercinae, and In fact cause much more harm to relations than any ranting kes may put forward here.

For someone as rabbid as you say kes is, the solution is easy, dont walk around in a yard that has such a creature living in it. you know he hates you and you hate him, hell all of avalon knows it. and while he may lash out in blind hatred at times, c

onsumed with his emotions, you take cold calculated steps, using full reason to provoke responses you can claim to be totaly defensive.

In fact this very post may somehow end up as a declaration of war, and give you the excuse you need to march your men on mercinae for the third time in less than 100 years.

knowing all this background and destruction you have inflicted on this city, you come and say, make me a friend or i shall be your enemy. forget all that I have done to you, your city and your citizens, and let me back in the door one more time. and h

ave the audacity to reacted in hurt suprise, and scream- see! the big bad mercs hate us parrians! they will attack, we must crush them first. \"

I find it intersting that even though we had this rabbid dog in merc the whole time you were gone, and had positive relations( I know many parrians dont like him) but we didnt have to read a host of msgs here about how horrible he or them were. It was

not until you returned and began to provoke again that problems suddenly developed.

avoiding kes is easy, dont come and cause problems in Mercinae, dont come and sit in cass square knowing our justice minister will attack you if he can. if you know a snake will bite you, whose fault is it when he strikes, his? or yours for doing exac

tly what you know will make him strike? you are far to smart and cunning a player to think anyother reaction could come.

so, is Parrius officially is requesting kes's removal? or is this just another attempt at provocation? I know and respect the majority of the Parrian leaders, some I dont know so well, but I know this, they cherish thier freedom to choose as much as

any, and I cant see them trying to suddenly dictate anothers freedoms.

For Mercinae and the Sea!

Ragar, Prince of Mercinae

Written by my hand on the 21st of Ilmarael, in the year 1060.