Gabbad is a great city which stands between Thaumacie and Orc Town, it is the buffer city between the constant

between the dwarves (who are for good) and the orcs and uruks (who are for evil).

You can find it by some secret entrances through maze under thaumacie or from Pangyrons Lair or from

under orc town.

It is a hotly contested city as which ever side takes it will bring great good or great evil to this land.

Many older players know where it is because there are a few mines near and in it, if you would like me

to take you through the now ravaged city of gabbad and point out what has happened there, I will.

One last thing, Zakath logs out in Gabbad occasionally in a storeroom up there, so he knows where it

is as well.


Written by my hand on the 10th of Ilmarael, in the year 1060.