my posts.

A little ooc here that although my post perhaps seem like a 'slanging match' they were designed to add some flavor to what was a routine soi skirmish. I am sorry if this did not catch your fancy in the slightest however I have receieved alot of tells

stating how much more interesting it has made things(minus the few things that touched too much on some rl delicate issue). In my perhaps not so humble opinion one of the things that has seemed to be missing alot lately in Avalon is roleplay. To ma

ny people are caught up in stats, calculations and who has what and who doesn't.

While what I have been doing may not even been the best of roleplaying, and yes alot of it is twisted propoganda, I have at least tried instead of blasting off on anyone who has. In final if you don't like any of the stuff I post skip it. I of cours

e will not stop until one of the divine says Plaman stop posting your rubbish on here. I thank those that have played along with this freedom and crusader thing. So far it has been great fun for myself and hopefully others.


Written by my hand on the 20th of Midsummer, in the year 1060.