The Liberation of Gabbad.

The Righteous Crusader Plaman, In the Pursuit of Freedomto Everyone

After many months of toil the crusader and his freedom fighters have liberated Gabbad from the evil influence of Mercinae. It was hard faught but patience and dedication on the part of the freedom fighters finally payed off. Even now as you read thi

s all evidence of the Mercinae occupation and the horrors they brought unto the people of Gabbad are being purged. Gabbad is happily back under Thakrian protection and our benevolent guidance to the way of freedom. Stand up and salute these brave fr

eedom fighters and the people of Gabbad for enduring!!

This is but one victory for the cause of freedom. Even now there is a growing unspeakable evil growing in the mountain under Thaumacie. Fortunatly large portions of the city are under Thakrian law of Freedom and have been cleansed of the evil. Howe

ver the swan flags are equally abundant and I fear mayham is running amock in these areas. While I support any consenting adults right to partake of the dwarves fine ale it has been brought to my attention that with the support of the Mercinae govern

ment some malcontent short and rude dwarves have been dispensing their ale to the children of avalon. Added to that they seem to be slipping drinks to the female population in hopes of getting them drunk, having their way with them and forcing them i

nto serviture as whores! This must be stopped immediatly.

Never fear the crusader and his freedom fighters are on the case and soon these wicked dwarves will be expeled and the Mercinae influence over Thaumacie will be removed so that only responsible adults partake of their fine ale and they can enjoy the f

reedom that is Thakria.

The Crusader

Written by my hand on the 2nd of Midsummer, in the year 1060.