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mess around specific individuals. It is a labour of love - first to satisfy our vision of how Avalon should be, and secondly to satisfy the player who gives time and thought to playing their character. OK. Enough said. Chivalry: Basically Knights are fighters, yes. However, I remember a time back when Avalon was new when it was general accepted that the one Knightly weakness was lack of magical healing. To counteract this the Knight would go into battle stocked with dozens of health potions, some food, and perhaps a rod of heal-hand. Not only does this make the life of the Knight more interesting - battles require a little more thought than JAB ORC - but it gives purpose to the Alchemists and the Loremasters. Our objection to Chivalric healing is precisely that. It would make the Knights a loner's guild - they would no longer have any reason to interact. They would be able to be mindless and self-reliant killers. Enforced interaction with other guilds gives those other guilds a degree of censorship on the

ctivities of that knight - no