Hunger, Avalon and Chivalry

Genesis, the god of timeto Everyone

Irresponsible was the wrong word. 2 hours = 2 Avalon days, so I think 3 loaves of bread IS reasonable. However, until there are more methods of satiating hunger as suggested by Baphomet, I've simply cut down the requirement. There seems to be some annoyance from the Knights and Cavaliers that they do not possess some form of magical healing. Before answering this, I'd like to add that when considering any change we make to Avalon you should recognised that it is done not to make life difficult for individual players but to improve interaction and gameplay. Ultimately we are striving for a game in which we have inter-dependant guilds, sufficient skills but most importantly, the basis of a world in which to play out whatever mythical roles you choose. The updates to the guilds system in which player choose a profession for life is hopefully a step in this direction. Whenever I hear a player coming up with the line 'they are doing this to screw me around' I am amazed. Do you really think that we would be ploug

ing thousands of pounds and thousands of man-hours into Avalon just to produce something intended to