Hi Kes, great posts.looks like you and Plaman have found your niche! but was just wondering...

Since when have the Forces of 'Good' been enlisting the help of Hell ? Just a passing thought in the turmoil.

In the interests of Peace and Humanity I am willing to begin an investigation into the allegations of Events going on in Gabbad. I will form the U. N. A (United Nations of Avalon) and head on in there with a Peace Keeping force. Any findigns will of cou

rse be related honestly and truthfully with no hint of bias or self gain.

All the Cities of Avalon have to to do ensure Gabbad is treated well and fairly is pay the upkeep of U. N. A with HUGE amounts of Gold and Comms. Needed as we all know to support such a mission. Get back to me if you are interested and we can talk dona



Written by my hand on the 18th of Springflower, in the year 1060.