fallen comrades.

The thakrian so called freedom fighters (or evil liars) which ever you want to call them were not buried in

Gabbad, however they were buried in Thakria with the long night items used to raise the most evil

ritual in this land.

For this, those items were taken and the rotting dead corpses of these evil people were burnt and their

souls sent to hell where they originated from.

More information coming in now from investigative reporters saying there is a concentration camp somewhere

in gabbad holding the gabbadian women and children for ransom by the Thakrian slave drivers against the

people of gabbad.

We shall be looking for this and hopefully will liberate it soon, and the people in this camp will be used

as witnesses against the armies or darkness which plaman leads and hopefully will bring Justice to those

who have bled gabbad dry and destroyed their people.

The so called Freedom the thaks put about is a ruse for slavery, there is no freedom in thakria,

there never has been, they in their demon spawn hell hole have been inbreeding for ages, which just goes

to show why they are good at banjo playing and murdering the people of the outlaying villages.

Mercinae will come to the aide of these villages and with them will come the LAW. Justice is coming

and the army of light is coming too.


Written by my hand on the 5th of Springflower, in the year 1060.