Explanations If any are needed.

Squirrelfish Le Tenebreuxto Everyone

Greetings All,

Once again roleplay fails it seems,

Nothing I have done since being forced to quit the Animists (except for the first anger tinted post) has been done in anger or out of spite.

Anjiin, I got no respect for openiing Alessandria from you? That's Ok I wasn't looking for it. Nor was I doing it, Maiya, because I shouldn't be an Animist. I did it to remove one area that the Animists use to perpetuate their 'chatroom style' existan

ce here.

I then roleplayed the resulting post intended to make sure everyone knew it was open. Especially those who idle in it in safety.

If they won't listen to me when I tell them (after 120 years as an Animist) from inside the Guild that their way of life is killing the Animists, then I will show them from the Outside by action. I wont harm anyone, I have not gone renegade, intending

to go on a killing spree. I am the same old Squirrelfish with the same views and same companionship I have with most of Avalons Population.

In fact, if you look at Alessandria and it's History...The Animists should be proud and happy it is open at last. Maybe we can even get the teachers teaching again for the benefit of the whole Land!

I deeply regret the incident concerning Zenichiro and Eluria arising indirectly from my Action, but that was not my doing either. It looks like action without forethought of consequence, or responsibility. A typical Animist way of thinking in recent


Eluria, that wasn't a snipe at you. It is simply an Animist truth. I am glad you left and hope we can work together to change the Guild and it's thinking. We have support, donations and a mutual goal, lets build on that?


Written by my hand on the 24th of Cloudburst, in the year 1060.