Common courtesy.

Magdalene - The High Priest of Light can strip you dry and put you on newborn for it is the Light

of Awareness that burns at your retinas allowing you to see the faulty path you have set upon

when you chose the path of darkness. Now go DP, get prepared and exact your revenge like evil

little sorceresses are supposed to do.

Squirrelfish - You were never meant to be an animist and it is obvious from your recent posts

and actions. HOWEVER, it is also clear that many other animists aren't meant to be in that

profession either. I have personally seen Wolfsong's two-facedness when one minute I have her

and the rest of her wedding party in stiches, and the next minute I far image one of them telling

another animist to 'f- off,' something that only Wolfsong deemed the most offensive act ever

recorded in Avalon history -- such that I was asked to not attend her wedding ceremony and then

soon afterwards, when she took my prescribed medication, apologized to me half-hazardly and what

seemed to be under the influence of one Holywhitewolf. Fitzroy and Fizzy recently told me to

'Shut the hell up and go away...' after Zenichiro told me to 'F- off' and I bitched at him in

retaliation. Not only is it completely unacceptable behaviour for an animist AND pacifist to use

these words directed at someone but it goes against everything good that this ROLEPLAYING game

offers to the character - namely, ROLEPLAYING!

Eluria, although i love her to death, is as much an animist as Old Dirty Bastard is a Baby Jesus.

The rest of the animists I have hope for.

Sepultura - I don't know if you're playing on telnet or if you've had some sort of recursive qq'ing

virus running through your system lately, secondary to BB-hyperdigitalis, but take death like a MAN

for once, fight your own battles, ride the ship like the rest of us and show some friggin respect

for yourself! You've fled to Bezejeth five times yesterday during a mutual challenge and then

(what seems to be a very popular slogan nowadays) told me to 'F- off' when i went after you.

Perhaps the animists are more your style. They certainly could use some more presently.

Now if you'll excuse me all, I have to perform some unecessary cardio-thoracic surgery on a cherub.

Sincerely, Dr. Maiya

Written by my hand on the 18th of Cloudburst, in the year 1060.