Somehow and in a somewhat floundered state I ended up in the cavaliers guild (dead again) and told you AGAIN about my unequipped state.

At this point you put on your favourite broken record...

and commence harping on about shipping and getting DP. When it then appears that your mighty ego will not be served in this way you get sulky and make about knocking my few items from my hands.


If I am to be Evil because of my profession, then you HIGH PRIEST OF LIGHT should perhaps

act in a manner that is Good.

Stripping items of someone who after a 'gracefull' couple of deaths tells you they are not equipped to fight does not strike me as particularly GOOD

In fact were I to be quite as judgemental as yourself I might say that they were not the actions fitting of a High Priest, especially one of the LIGHT.

I dont expect the High Priest of Light to be some cheek turning doormat, but neither do I expect an egotistical and sadistic maniac determined on crushing the semi defenceless.

Obviously your actions come from some troubled times in your past to bring such blind hatred to the fore.

If you are to continue in such a manner perhaps you should look carefully at YOUR religious persuasion, you could after all truly serve Vengeance properly instead of hiding behind a crumbling veil of false morality.

Written by my hand on the 5th of Cloudburst, in the year 1060.