Various Animists.

Squirrelfish Le Tenebreuxto Everyone

First , Sisyphus.I stand corrected and should not be abusive as it serves nothing. I apologise to you for insulting your Wife with the use of 'silly Names'.

Second -To Wolfsong, Siana and Bumble. Well, after very conveniently brushing over your complicity with apathetic posts on the guild board (by simply sweeping the Issue under the mat and hoping it will go away as usual), You now have awoken today to

find 3 more senior Animists have left in Protest. Either directly in Support of my treatment or, in the case of one, simply over your disgusting abuse of Guild and Membership.

So, when are you going to look at yourselves and decide you need to stop acting so Selfishly and with such Narrow minded views. Very soon I hope because the fast slide into oblivion you very mistakenly thought I would bring about, is exactly what you

have achieved for yourselves. Is using Avalon as a Glorified Chatroom so important to you that you will kill a Guild to maintain that right?

Now I don't expect all of you to reply here as I know Animists below DGM are advised to withold posting here until talking to an Elder. But some considered response might be good for you.

Sorry to ask in public, I know you hate that, but as you know I can't do it elsewhere.


Written by my hand on the 5th of Cloudburst, in the year 1060.