Baphometto Genesis, the god of time

I agree with Elviron. One of the problems is that you can't scavenge with any degree of success in the wild - there is hardly ever fruit on the trees and so on. Similarly the stores in the farther-off towns are no good for food but are still very expensive - which makes trad- ing at a profit impossible.

I would suggest either reducing the hunger somewhat (though it is not unfair on the whole at once per day or so) and putting AFFORDABLE food in the pubs etc. Also have more of it grow in the wild, let people fish and hunt. Why not have CCCs like deer etc that you could eat? You could even have cannibalism which would affect your alignment, or poison you if you ate an orc.

The CCCs should carry some food as well I think, and places like kitchens ought to have some to found if you look hard enough. The main problem as I see it is that hunger is realistic, the availability of food is not.