Oh thankee kindly sirra.

Why misser Allanon sirra, thankee kindly fer yer wordsa wisdom sirra.

I be takin' em on bord now, I be doin' tha' I be sirra.

Unfortunately you have missed the point entirely. But quite humourously highlighted some others.

The first point is really two arguements, my latest period of absense has been only about 2 months

This is long enough tho for items to rot, and one returning after a period of absence USED to be allowed time to reorganise properly.

(and yes it must have been quite a while cos it was long enough for both you and Orinoko to unenemy me).

However, I took your first couple of jumps on the chin, didnt grumble, just told you I was not properly equipped yet, and you acknowledged the fact.

Then. yes I must admit I accepted Rastafars challenge, because I owed him it, as he has fought challenges with me when he hasnt really wanted to in the past.

After losing in dramatic style I made my way into Thakria to try and buy some sorely needed supplies.

On the way (cos it takes a while to move through Thakria an Allanon stave at a time) Herbie jumped me.

after fending him off something completely unexpected happened... yep... you jumped me AGAIN!!!!

NB. I know this must be tedious for all of you to read, but if Allanon insists on these attempts of public humilitation then those under attack must have chance to reply

Conclusions Follow on Next post...

Written by my hand on the 5th of Cloudburst, in the year 1060.